The Ultimate Fall Capsule Wardrobe for Women [2022] (2023)

Fall is arguably the best season for fashion. It’s also one of the more expensive since sweaters, jackets, denim and boots sit at higher price points. But by having a well curated fall capsule wardrobe you can utilize your wardrobe by getting the most out of every piece, get dressed easily, and love every piece you own by having less but better options.

Below is the ultimate fall capsule wardrobe guide for women to help you get dressed every day with ease!

What is a Fall Capsule Wardrobe

A fall capsule wardrobe is a curated selection of items meant to be worn together throughout the fall months, limiting decision fatigue and outfit styling frustration. A fall capsule wardrobe should consist of items for different temperatures since some days can be cool and others warm, higher quality more luxurious fabrics, and a colour palette that works together rather than against one another.

This fall capsule wardrobe is comprised of dresses, boots, sweaters, cardigans, camisoles, button ups, oversized tees and anything that makes you feel cozy and stylish while keeping temperature in mind. This fall capsule is meant to be practical and easy, a no-effort guide to dressing this season. All of the bases are covered from styles to colours to various weather conditions. Whether you’re looking for a basic autumn wardrobe or a fall work capsule this guide will help.

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Table of Contents

  • What is a Fall Capsule Wardrobe
  • Fall Capsule Wardrobe List
  • Fall Capsule Wardrobe Essentials and Staples
  • How to Build a Fall Capsule Wardrobe
  • Clothes to Wear in Autumn
  • Autumn Style Ideas

Fall Capsule Wardrobe List

A quick fall capsule wardrobe list of essentials and staples you likely already have in your wardrobe. Use these items to build your wardrobe off of, these are your hero pieces.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Essentials and Staples

  • T-shirt
  • Long sleeve tee
  • Trousers
  • Chunky knit sweater
  • Jacket (fleece, denim, or leather)
  • Camisole
  • Button up dress shirt
  • Cardigan
  • Blazer
  • Boots
  • Turtleneck
  • Flats
  • Dress
  • Vest
  • Leggings, sweatpants or joggers
  • Denim
  • Utility pant
  • Long coat
  • Skirt (optional)

How to Build a Fall Capsule Wardrobe

While building a fall capsule wardrobe keep in mind versatility and longevity when choosing to invest in new items. When creating your own checklist write your budget down under new investments and every time you add something to that list, subtract the amount from the budget allocated for new pieces. That way you won’t go over your spending, and you can better decide what really needs to be invested in.

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Clothes to Wear in Autumn

Trousers- A pair of trousers is always in my capsules for Fall, they add warmth to any outfit and are usually very comfortable and stretchy, these ones from Everlane have a lovely wide leg to them and look great with flats or boots.

Utility Pant- A slouchy relaxed fit that looks great with heels and flats. These give you that cool girl feeling that’s so easy to wear.

White Boots- These are likely as comfortable as wearing a pair of socks. The heel is the perfect height and they look fantastic with every pant in this capsule, they do sell out quickly so you might not want to wait.

Cardigan- A black cardigan is a fall wardrobe essential. This style of cardigan is traditional, practical, and never go out of style. It also pairs well with just about anything in your closet. I like that this particular one is longer and looks really cozy.

Vest- The perfect option for warmer days when you want your torso to be warm and your arms to stay cool. This is such a great piece for layering as well.

Green Jacket- One thing that every Fall Capsule needs is a green jacket. I upgraded after storing my previous thrifted jacket for this beautifully structured one, perfect for damper fall days and the oversized fit is ideal for layering.

Brown Boots- Brown boots are incredibly useful in a Fall Capsule wardrobe. The colour just goes with everything and I promise you’ll love wearing them. This style from Dolce Vita is stunning, the detailing and heel is just perfection.

Turtle Neck- The Cloud Turtleneck by Everlane is everything, the colour ways available are stunning and the detailing along the seams adds great interest. Would also be great for layering.

Button up- A good quality button up is a classic piece for versatile looks with elevated fabrics. A button up is perfect tucked into jeans for a put together but casual look, and this one is structured in only a unique Everlane way.

Tee- Enough said.

Long Sleeve Tee– Perfect layering piece.

Denim– I must admit I had a bit of a hard time with sizing. When you look at online reviews they suggest going down a size but that didn’t work for me, I stayed my normal size but still wished I had a bit more wiggle room. Nevertheless these are a cult favourite for good reason. They hug your bug, are a standard classic cut, and come in a great variety of washes!

Boots– These are such a classic and so beautiful. A pair of black boots is essential in the fall and these are the cream of the crop when it comes to versatility and longevity. You will have them for years.

Chunky Knit Sweater– The most perfect cotton sweater in such a lovely colour. There’s no wrong way to style this or wrong way to wear it. With a slightly oversized fit you’ll reach for this piece time and time again.

Flats- Brown flats or loafers are basically a fall staple for any woman, I like that these are minimal and the stitch detailing is beautiful. Wear these for warmer fall days or if you really need a break from wearing socks.

Sneakers– Nike AF1 sneakers are another classic style to add to your fall capsule wardrobe. They have that minimalism to them, are clean and sleek for everyday wear.

Camisole A simple and very effective layering piece, a camisole is a great fall wardrobe essential. I always go with white or cream because usually the layers on top will be darker, you can also wear this underneath the chunky knit sweater in case you get too warm- our weather can be tricky!

Dress– A very cute choice for the office, or an in-between temperature day. Your legs stay cool regulating your body temperature and your torso is cozy. I just love the look of dresses in the fall with boots and a hat.

Faux Leather Jacket- It’s pretty obvious that a leather jacket needs to be in the mix. But this is the ultimate pleaser with its beautiful colour, zipper details and gives you that cool girl classic look.

Leggings- The most worn and needed capsule item for me is leggings. These babies go with everything and trust me when I say you need them, no matter where they’re from or what colour they are leggings are a gift from God in the cooler months. These however aren’t your average leggings, they have an extra high waist, minimal seams and made from premium performance fabric.

Blazer- A classic blazer can go miles. Wear it to work, our for drinks or for running errands. It works as a great layering piece and doubles as a jacket for warmer days.

Skirt- If you’re a skirt person replace your denim shorts with a skirt for a really cute autumnal look.

Long Coat- A must for colder days, opt for a black, beige or camel colour for versatility and longevity.

Sweatpants– Sweatpants you can wear with just about anything, even to work. These are the most comfortable and flattering sweatpants I own, made from 100% cotton and so so soft you’ll want to repeat wear them all season.

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Autumn Style Ideas

Taking these pieces and creating outfits can be a challenge. Luckily I’ve linked autumn styling ideas for you such as a really cute jumpsuit with a cropped jacket and boots look or three styles of denim with long coats and sweaters. Leggings are also perfect for fall outfits and these leggings linked in this post are the best of the best. Some brands like VETTA Capsule will create their own capsule outfits for work or leisure that are a good starting point, or even a good place to get inspiration from.

Building a fall work capsule wardrobe is a good idea and you can use the items listed in this post as a guide. Or check out this work capsule wardrobe guide that provides a checklist you can easily download to get started.

So that’s it for this ultimate fall capsule wardrobe! I hope you find this helpful in building your own fall capsule wardrobe, I hope the checklist helped, & as always If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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