Post Malone reveals the tracklist to his new album 'twelve carat toothache' (2023)

1 June 2022, 16:02

Post Malone reveals the tracklist to his new album 'twelve carat toothache' (1)Post Malone reveals the tracklist to his new album 'twelve carat toothache' (2)

Post Malone has revealed more details about his upcoming new album – set to be released in 2022.

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Post Malone has kept his fans on their toes after announcing that he is working on his new album twelve carat toothache.

Post Malone reveals new bald haircut and surprise skull tattoo

The New York rapper's last album, Hollywood's Bleeding, dropped back in September 2019, which featured his hit singles 'Sunflower' and 'Circles'.

While fans expected the album in 2020, it seems as though Post Malone has something extra special dropping in 2022; revealing today that the album will be coming next month.

Malone's last project was his second US number-one album, and was supported by six singles; 'Wow', 'Goodbyes', 'Enemies', 'Allergic', 'Take What You Want' and the aforementioned 'Circles'.

The first three songs peaked at number two, three, and one on the US Billboard Hot 100.

So, let's see what Post Malone has in store for us with his new album twelve carat toothache.

  1. When will Post Malone's new album be released?

    Post Malone's new album will drop on Friday 3rd June, 2020. The rapper announced the news on his social channels just over a month prior to the record's release.

    Back in January 2022, Malone's manager, Dre London, claimed Malone's label was stopping him from dropping the album, which was previously set for release in 2020.

    "Our sync & energy always on a Insane level," London wrote alongside a photo of the pair. "Album has been done!! We Ready!! But seems @republicrecords @universalmusicgroup isn’t Posty fans no more need to press me anymore we did our part!"

    He added, "Now it’s time for the label to get the business right before we drop BIG Album! Hit them up! We been ready like u are! It’s Time."

    (Video) Post Malone - Twelve Carat Toothache Listening Experience | Amazon Music

    Dre previously teased the release of the album in April 2021, writing on Instagram, "This that smile while on FaceTime with @postmalone agreeing that the world deserves 2 Posty projects out this year!"

    "Discussing dates to drop the 1st one sooner than u think! I won’t tell u the title name just yet maybe next week #DreVision #2021".

    London shared a video of Malone strumming on an acoustic guitar, writing, "I know [the world] waiting for that @postmalone musical fix!Stand by!! We planning to do a few special things during #2021."

    During a 2019 performance in Wyoming, Malone revealed to his audience that his new album is finished.

    "I have some pretty f*ckin' awesome news, and the reason my voice is kinda fucked is because I was in the studio for the last three days and we just finished up the new album, and I think it's gonna be pretty goddamn out of sight," he says in the clip.

    .@PostMalone revealed he’s finished recording his new album during a recent performance:

    “I think it’s gonna be pretty god damn out of sight.”

    — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) July 26, 2019
  2. What is Post Malone's new album called?

    Post Malone went in depth about his life and music during a recent interview with Billboard.

    The rapper announced the name of his upcoming album, titled twelve carat toothache.

    Describing the inspiration behind his new album, Posty revealed that he had to reflect on what made him want to do music in the first place.

    “There was a switch that flipped, and it felt like I was making Stoney,” he says, referencing his 2016 debut album.

    “I lost that, and the hardest part is getting it back. It ebbs and flows. It’s figuring out: ‘Just because I’m not inspired to do it at the moment doesn’t mean I’m giving up.’” the star told the publication.

  3. Who will feature on Post Malone's new album?

    In April 2022, Post Malone hopped on Instagram Live to tease some of his new music, including a collaboration with Doja Cat.

    "This one is featuring the most incredible and beautiful and most talented, Doja Cat, and she’s so incredible," said Post before playing a snippet of their song.

    He also previewed songs featuring Roddy Ricch and The Kid Laroi.

    (Video) Post Malone “Twelve Carat Toothache” tour.

    Post Malone reveals the tracklist to his new album 'twelve carat toothache' (3)

    The star previously confirmed who definitely will not be featuring on the album to the paparazzi. In a video posted by Akademiks, Post is seen answering questions on the street.

    During the clip, one of the unseen reporters asks "Would you work with 6ix9ine? Would you work with 6ix9ine?"

    Malone responded "Would I?", taking a deep breath. The rapper confirms before kindly answering with,"Chances are, no."

    In an interview with Billboard, Post Malone revealed he will be working with The Weeknd, and working closely with Dre London.

    On Post Malone's last project "Hollywood's Bleeding", he included features from DaBaby, Future, Halsey, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott, SZA, Swae Lee, and Young Thug.

  4. When is Post Malone's 'Twelve Carat Texas' tour with Joe Wetzel?

    Koe Wetzel and Post Malone are doing a joint tour called the Twelve Carat Texas tour. It is reportedly set to take place in September 2022.

    Here are the dates and locations for the tour:

    Friday 23/9 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center

    Saturday 24/9 – San Antonia, TX – AT&T Center

    Sunday 25/9 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center

  5. When will Post Malone go on tour?

    In Posty's interview with Billboard, the rapper may be planning to tour in 2023.

    Dre London said: "But I want to wait until 2023,” he says of Post’s official return to touring, as they may co-headline a stadium tour.

    Austin Rosen – Posty's songwriter and the founder of management label Electric Feel, thinks a tour could be a launching pad for a deluxe version of the new album.

    “We’d rather make another moment out of it,” he says, “so people can really dive in.”

  6. What songs will be included on the new album?

    So far, an official tracklist for Post Malone's new album is yet to be confirmed.

    However, in an interview with Billboard, Posty revealed that he worked with his Republic labelmate The Weeknd.

    The pair have released their song “One Right Now,” – which is the first collaboration and the lead single for twelve carat toothache.

    (Video) Every Song Ranked on Post Malone’s ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’ Album

    In February 2021, Post dropped a new single for The Pokémon 25th anniversary, 'Only Wanna Be With You'.

    Last year, he released song with Florida rapper Tyla Yaweh, 'Tommy Lee'.

  7. What will Post Malone's new album sound like?

    The'Sunflower' rapper has revealed that his new album will be inspired by the events going on in the world right now, and he hopes will "uplift people's spirits.”

    During an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine, Malone revealed he's "just vib[ing]-out and [seeing] where my brain takes me — this has been a perfect time to make music, and to write songs about what’s going on currently."

    Post Malone reveals the tracklist to his new album 'twelve carat toothache' (4)

    "There’s so much to say in these times that will give people hope and hopefully uplift people’s spirits," the rapper said of one of his new songs from the album.

    (Video) I Ranked Every Post Malone Song To Date | Post Malone Tier List

    "Because it’s a dark time in America. It’s a dark time in the world. Honestly, for a songwriter to be in the house all day is a blessing and a curse."

    "In the darkest of times I’m just trying to make something beautiful out of it."

    Malone revealed that he has produced some of the best music during quarantine. "And I probably say that every album cycle, but for me it feels so special," he told the magazine.

    "I want to make an album that will uplift and show that people are not alone in their times of loneliness and worry and that at the end of the day we all just need to show love to everyone on the planet and figure things out."

    The rap star added, "So we’re working pretty hard, and I think we’re making some incredible stuff."

  8. What does the tracklist for Post Malone's new album look like?

    Post Malone has finally shared the track list for Twelve Carat Toothache. Speaking with Apple Music he revealed:

    .That’s what the whole record is about. It’s the bipolar aspect and the duality of everything. And so, there’s a lot of things very much so on this record that are tongue-in-cheek. And I think this whole record is the most honest record I’ve made, and I’m so pumped for people to hear it"..

    Here's the official track list:

    1. “Reputation”
    2. “Cooped Up” feat. Roddy Ricch
    3. “Lemon Tree”
    4. “Wrapped Around Your Finger”
    5. “I Like You (A Happier Song)” feat. Doja Cat
    6. “I Cannot Be (A Sadder Song)” feat. Gunna
    7. “Insane”
    8. “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” feat. Fleet Foxes
    9. “Wasting Angels” feat. The Kid LAROI
    10. “Euthanasia”
    11. “When I’m Alone”
    12. “Waiting for a Miracle”
    13. “One Right Now” feat. The Weeknd
    14. “New Recording 12, Jan 3, 2020”

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Is Post Malone dropping an album in 2022? ›

Post Malone new album 'twelve carat toothache' 2022: tour, tracklist, release date, songs, features & more. Post Malone has revealed more details about his upcoming new album – set to be released in 2022.

Is Twelve Carat Toothache Post Malone's new album? ›

Twelve Carat Toothache is the fourth studio album by American rapper and singer Post Malone. It was released on June 3, 2022, by Republic Records and Mercury Records.

Is Post Malone a dad? ›

Post Malone only has one child, a baby girl, with his fiancé. In an interview on "The Howard Stern Show," he revealed details about his new routine as a father.

What are the best songs on Post Malone's new album? ›

  1. Lemon Trees.
  2. Wrapped Around Your Finger.
  3. Reputation.
  4. Insane.
  5. One Right Now.
3 Jun 2022

Why is Post Malone's new album so sad? ›

Review: On his new album, Post Malone sincerely, relentlessly, almost heroically hates being famous. The desperation with which Post Malone details his inability to healthily navigate being a famous person sets him apart from pop's other rich-and-sad types.

Which Post Malone album sold the most? ›

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), he has sold 13 million albums in the United States and 95 million digital singles, making him the eighth best-selling digital artist of all time.
Studio albums.
Peak chart positionsSWE2
SalesUS: 303,902
3 more columns

Who is tattooed on post Malones hands? ›

Malone's favorite deceased artists are tattooed on his knuckles. He has portraits of musicians Bankroll Fresh, Dimebag Darrell, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, George Harrison, and Stevie Ray Vaughan tattooed on his fingers. "It's all, like, my favorite artists, you know, that have passed," Malone told GQ.

How much are Post Malone's teeth worth? ›

He used 40 carats of diamonds sourced from Belgium and cut in Israel, coming in at $1.6 million. “In order to make a diamond in the shape of a tooth — for example, if you get a six-carat canine tooth, you need a 12-carat raw cube.

Why is Post Malone not making music? ›

While the move provided some peace and quiet after his prolific, star-making run from 2016's Stoney to Hollywood's Bleeding, Post admitted in the years since he wasn't that interested in playing guitar, making beats, or doing music of any kind.

Does Post Malone have a wife? ›

In May 2022, Malone announced that he was expecting his first child with his girlfriend. In June, during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Malone revealed that he and his girlfriend are engaged and have welcomed a daughter.

What gender is Post Malone baby? ›

Post Malone himself is also a girl dad, as he welcomed his first child — a daughter — with his longtime girlfriend earlier this year.

Does Post Malone have 2 kids? ›

How Many Kids Does Post Malone Have? Post Malone only has one child, a baby girl, with his fiancé. In an interview on "The Howard Stern Show," he revealed details about his new routine as a father.

What is Post Malone #1 song? ›


What Post Malone song has the most views? ›

Most streamed tracks (EAS)
  • Rockstar [Beerbongs & Bentleys] – 3,033,000. ...
  • Sunflower [Hollywood's Bleeding] – 3,014,000. ...
  • Circles [Hollywood's Bleeding] – 2,095,000. ...
  • Congratulations [Stoney] – 2,025,000. ...
  • Better Now [Beerbongs & Bentleys] – 1,910,000. ...
  • Wow [Hollywood's Bleeding] – 1,636,000.
1 Jun 2022

How many #1 songs does Post Malone have? ›

“Circles” is Malone's fourth Hot 100 No. 1, an impressive sum for a musician who has only released four albums and who only first reached the list's summit back in 2017.

Is the new Post Malone album good? ›

Post Malone's fourth studio album is slick, streamlined, and a little less vulgar and ostentatious than his earlier work—a sign that he's taking himself more seriously, for better or worse.

How much did Post Malone sell? ›

2 on the Billboard 200 album chart with nearly 121,000 equivalent album units moved. That is a 75.2 percent drop in first-week sales from the last album, 2019's Hollywood's Bleeding, which premiered at No. 1 with a whopping 489,000 equivalent album units in its first week.

What is the most sold song in history? ›

According to Guinness World Records, Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" (1942) as performed by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide, with estimated sales of over 50 million copies.

Who has sold the most record in history? ›

Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 183 million units certified sales. Second is Garth Brooks with over 157 million units sales, followed by Elvis Presley with 139 million units.

What genre is the highest selling album of all time? ›

Worldwide, Thriller is still the best-selling album of all time with a whopping 47 million certified copies sold, six million ahead of Their Greatest Hits.

Who has the most tattoos in the world? ›

Because of the outrageous amount of art on his body, Lucky Diamond Rich holds the Guinness World Records title for the most tattooed person living (male). Born Greg Paul McLaren, this street artist, performer, and world record holder is one of the most distinct-looking people you'll ever set your eyes on.

Did Post Malone go under anesthesia for tattoos? ›

It's a lot to handle. Definitely the next day it's sore." Post Malone is one of Contreras' most famous clients, and the artist worked on him while he was under anesthesia.

What are the words on post Malones face? ›

Post Malone has a new addition to his tattoo collection, and this one has a very special meaning. The new ink, which is stamped in large bold, gothic script letters across the the 27-year-old's forehead, reads "DDP," in an apparent tribute to his daughter, who he welcomed earlier this year.

What rapper has permanent diamond teeth? ›

Moneybagg Yo is living up to his stage name after the Memphis rapper revealed that he dropped $200,000 on new diamonds that are embedded into his teeth. The “Wockesha” rapper took to Instagram to share his latest mouth jewelry, showing diamonds on the bottom and front row of his teeth.

What does Post Malone wear on his teeth? ›

They light up the room. They sparkle, they shine; they're amazing." American singer Post Malone has a new reason to smile. The 25-year-old has done the unthinkable — giving even vampires a major complex — by going to the dentist and emerging with a set of 12-carat 'diamond fangs' for his canine teeth.

Does Post Malone have kids? ›

Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Post, welcomed his daughter in May, PEOPLE confirmed.

Does Post Malone sing with autotune? ›

Just before the Grammy nominee performed his No. 1 hit "Circles," he took a moment to warn the crowd about his limited vocal range. "Everyone here knows I can't sing without autotune, right?" Malone said.

How much does Post Malone make a year? ›

Post Malone has released four albums to date, and all of them are mighty successful.
Post Malone Net Worth.
NameAustin Richard Post
Net Worth (2022)$50 Million
ProfessionSinger-songwriter, rapper
Monthly Income And Salary$0.5 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary$5 Million +
1 more row
28 Sept 2022

How do I contact Post Malone directly? ›

Contact Us
  2. CALL US AT 800-767-7160.

Does Post Malone have health problems? ›

Post Malone has been hospitalized with breathing problems and a “stabbing pain” that forced him to cancel his concert on Saturday night in Boston.

What kind of car does Post Malone Drive? ›

Post Malone's current favorite vehicle is the Rolls Royce Phantom. Although the Phantom is not as pricey as the Sweptail, it still has an appealing appearance and a powerful collection of components behind the hood. Post Malone's Rolls Royce Phantom is, as you might expect, white on the outside.

How many babies does Post Malone have? ›

Post Malone only has one child, a baby girl, with his fiancé. In an interview on "The Howard Stern Show," he revealed details about his new routine as a father. "I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Is Post Malone about to have a baby? ›

Post Malone has revealed that he and his partner are engaged and have welcomed a baby daughter. The US rapper, 26, says he has kept details of his personal life private and wants to let his child "make her own decisions".

What does Post Malone have tattooed on his face? ›

Post Malone's love for his daughter is written all over his face — literally. The rapper recently had three massive letters — “DDP” — tattooed onto his forehead in honor of his 4-month-old baby girl.

How old is Post Malone? ›

How many gold teeth does Post Malone have? ›

What work did Post Malone get done to his teeth? he Rockstar hitmaker got his two diamond fangs framed with a total weight of 12 Carats. He also underwent a procedure to complete 26 units of ceramic restoration alongside getting his 2 diamond teeth.

Why did Post Malone change his name? ›

According to Post, he chose Post Malone as his stage name when he was 14 or 15. The name was rumored to be a reference to the professional basketball player Karl Malone, but Post later explained that while 'Post' is his last name, he used a "rap name generator" to get "Malone".

What is the 1 song of all time? ›

Top 10 songs of all time (1958–2021)
RankSingleYear(s) released
1."Blinding Lights"2019
2."The Twist"1960, 1961 ( re )
4."Mack the Knife"1959
6 more rows

What is 1d most famous song? ›

Despite being the group's most famous song, “What Makes You Beautiful” only provided a glimpse into the wide range within One Direction's records. The song itself, while catchy, was released at the start of their careers.

How good is Post Malone? ›

Post Malone is one of the best performers in the world. The energy that he brings to his songs and performances on stage is unbelievable. His last album was a platinum hit and I am sure his next project is going to be even better. He is working on it and the album will soon be released.

Who has the most songs with 1 billion streams? ›

Ed Sheeran

Does Post Malone have a diamond record? ›

The RIAA gives diamond certifications to songs that have gone platinum 10 times. "Psycho" and "White Iverson" by Post Malone are the most recent songs to receive the rare award.

Who has the most songs ever recorded? ›

1. Most recorded artist in music history - Asha Bhosle. India is the country that reads the most and it's also the world's most prolific filmmaking nation, ahead of Nigeria in second place.

Has Post Malone gone diamond? ›

Post Malone

Post Malone earned his first diamond certification in 2019 for "Congratulations." "Rockstar" and "Sunflower" both received the award in 2020.


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