Onboard Power & Wi-Fi | Pacific Surfliner (2023)

Whether you plan to get some work done during your trip or if you want to share photos of the view on social media, you can keep your devices charged and connected right from your seat.

Onboard Power & Wi-Fi | Pacific Surfliner (1)

Power Outlets

In both Business Class and Coach, there is a surge-protected power outlet at every window seat. Charge your laptop, tablet, or phone, or even juice up your power bank for when you are on the go later in your trip. If you are in an aisle seat, please ask your seatmate if you can plug into an outlet before reaching over.

Onboard Power & Wi-Fi | Pacific Surfliner (2)

Free Wi-Fi

Pacific Surfliner trains are equipped with Wi-Fi that supports general web browsing activities for Internet-enabled laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

How to Connect

Look for “AmtrakConnect" in your device’s list of available hot spots. Open or refresh your browser to see the “AmtrakConnect” welcome screen. Click “I agree, get connected” to proceed to the Internet.


The onboard Wi-Fi does not support high-bandwidth activities such as streaming movies and music, playing online games, or downloading large files. We suggest you download these materials before you board.

Network Security

Similar to networks found at coffee shops and public libraries, the onboard Wi-Fi is not inherentlysecureand communications can be intercepted. Passengers are responsible for providing security measures that are suited for their intended use.


If your device is not connecting, go into your settings (Settings > Wi-Fi) and forget the Amtrak Connect network before attempting to connect again. Especially on iPhones, if you have previously connected on a different train, the device may be referencing an old session, which can prevent the Wi-Fi from working. Forgetting the network should resolve the issue. If you believe there is a problem with the Wi-Fi, please let the conductor know, who can report the possibility of an onboard outage to an offsite monitoring service.

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