Most Important Things to Carry While Travelling in Train (2023)

Every Indian train journey is no less than an experience in itself. Many things make Indian train journeys unique. So you have to be prepared for that. In such a case, you must be thinking about what to pack for an Indian train trip?

Let’s learn about some Indian train travel essentials that will be very handy if you are on a long train journey!

What to pack for a train trip?

Indian train journeys are full of adventure! Trains are the most common means of transportation for the majority of people. You can see different types of passengers on a train journey. It becomes crucial to know about the things to carry while travelling in trains for added safety, comfort and fun.

1) Ticket and related documents

It is an obvious thing that you should carry train tickets while travelling but it is also equally important to carry relevant documents along with tickets. This is because if you have bought the ticket online, you must show your proof of identity to the TTE. In that case, you must carry your Aadhar card or any other identity proof like voter card or driving license etc. and show it to officials.

If you have purchased the ticket offline through one of the PRS counters, there is no need to carry extra documents.

Moreover, if you are a foreigner, don’t forget to carry your visa and passport all the time.

Also, ensure to do a PNR status check for railway ticket before commencing the journey.

2) Water bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential, especially on long train trips. Although you can easily get a water bottle at any railway station in India, it is advisable to carry a 1-litre or 2-litre bottle with you. This will not only help reduce environmental pollution but also ensure that you always have water with you because sometimes trains are halted at remote and desolate places where you can’t find water.

3) Mobile charger and power bank

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and everyone needs to charge their phone. In such a case, it is always advisable to carry your power bank and mobile charger with you. In Indian trains, sometimes the power outlet is faulty or even if it is working, you will not get a spare one. Therefore, to avoid all those hassles, it is best to carry your fully-charged power bank with you so that you can enjoy your journey non-stop.

4) Food

Getting healthy andnutritious food in the train is not an easy thing. It is good to carry home-made food on your train journey, but there is a problem with that. On long trips, you can only bring food for one or at most two times. After that, you have to rely on food provided by pantry cars. But we all know that eating pantry car food is not a good thing and it can make you sick.

You can save all these hassles if you order food online in trainsfrom authorised food providers like RailMitra. So you don’t need to think of what food to pack for a train journey in India.

5) Hygiene essentials

Train journeys are not the most hygienic of trips. To ensure that you don’t fall ill, always carry hygiene essentials like napkins, wipes, hand sanitiser, paper soap, etc.

Sometimes the water runs out on long train rides, and that means you can’t wash your hands. So having wipes and hand sanitiser with you will save your day.

6) Safety locks

You can find “Your safety is in your hands” written everywhere on trains and at platforms. This is because Indian trains are open and anyone can enter and exit at any time. Often, when people fall asleep, the next moment they open their eyes, they find that their luggage is missing. Although policemen are continually patrolling the place, it is best to secure your backpacks with a chain and lock. Always tie your suitcases to the bars of the train seat.

7) Inflatable Travel Pillow

Train seats are not very comfortable. They can cause neck pain or strain in your body if you lie down for a long time. Inflatable travel pillows ensure that your neck is always in the most comfortable position, no matter how you rest your neck.

These pillows are specially designed to ensure that you get sound sleep even while travelling in trains so that you have comfortable travel experience.

8) A Pair of earphones

It can get a bit loud in Indian trains with vendors and passengers getting on and off the train regularly. Constant noise and commotion can cause a headache. So always carry a nice pair of earphones and enjoy the trip with your favourite music, movies, or videos.

These are some of the train travel must-haves in your backpack to avoid any problem and enjoy a comfortable trip.

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