LeBron James Had Kids With Wife Savannah Before Getting Married - Inside Their Family (2022)

Lebron James has been married toSavannah James since 2013. He has a total of three children: two sons namedBronny James andBryce Maximus James, and a daughter, Zhuri Nove James.

LeBron James is arguably one of the greatest athletes to have ever lived. He has excelled in numerous ways in his career and proven himself time and time again why he is one of the best. This attitude of success is one that he has applied to not just the sport of basketball but his life as well; leading to him living a life that is fully rounded and successful even in his role as a husband and father to his children.

Many people claim to know King James but the simple fact is that they only know him as the basketball player who strives to leave his mark on any NBA team he plays for. But then, there is more to the King than what he does on the hardwood floors. His personal life is filled with amazing people that inspire him to stay at the top of his game and his biggest inspiration is probably the family he has built with his long-time sweetheart, Savannah.

LeBron James Met Savannah For The First Time When They Were In High School

The axiom that every successful man has a woman helping him to actualize his dreams has been in use for a long time and it widely holds for men around the world, including your favorite NBA star, LeBron James. It is no secret that the superstar basketball player is married to Savannah Brinson, his high school sweetheart. But when exactly did the relationship began?

The love story of LeBron James and Savannah goes all the way back to St.Vincent-St.Marie High School, where LeBron was the school’s basketball star. Savannah was a student in a rival school, where she played softball and was a cheerleader. They kicked things off after he had asked a mutual friend for her number, she had instead opted to take his number, and one day when she was bored Savannah placed a call to LeBron. This led to him inviting her to a basketball game which was followed by a hangout at an Applebee’s with LeBron and his teammates.

Apparently interested in each other, this was followed by a date at Outback Steakhouse, he was 17 and she was 16. All of this happened in 2002 and the couple has been together since then and has built a family that many have come to envy.

The Basketball Player Has Been With Savannah for Almost Two Decades

Even though their marriage is yet to witness a decade, LeBron James has been with his wife Savannah for a very long time. She was the love of his life before he became a superstar and has retained the spot amid all the popularity and attention the basketballer has gained across the globe for his exploits in the game.

Given that they met while they were teenagers in high school, it is not hard to see why they dated for over a decade before they decided to take the relationship to the next level. As mentioned earlier, LeBron was 17 and only a year older than Savannah when they became lovers. The two would go on to remain lovers for 12 years before tying the knot.

According to Savannah, she knew that LeBron was serious about the two of them having a relationship after their first date. This is because he came to her house with her leftovers from the date. For Savannah, it was only another excuse that James came up it so that he can see her. Things went smoothly for them and they would go on to date all through his rise to stardom. As James was amassing several titles and becoming a force to reckon with in the field of basketball, Savannah was by his side throughout.

LeBron James Got Engaged to Savannah In 2011

The couple dated for more than 8 years before LeBron popped the question and asked Savannah to marry him. His proposal was a romantic one and a very important occasion for the NBA star. Speaking to Oprah Winfrey about the event, he likened it to the few minutes before a finals game.

He had proposed on New Year’s Eve in France and enlisted the help of his friend, Dwayne Wade. In his bid to hide the ring from her, LeBron had asked Wade to hold on to the ring for him and few minutes right before the ball dropped on New Year’s day, he got on his knee and asked her to marry him.

The athlete has also spoken on his decision to pop the question when he did. According to him, it seemed like the next level to take and to prove his commitment to Savannah. It was part of the process of growing up and for a woman who had been in his life for as long as she had, he wanted her to remain in his life for a long, long time.

The NBA Player Was Already a Megastar Before He Got Married to His Wife In 2013

Although LeBron James proposed to Savannah on the 31st of December 2011 at a party celebrating New Year’s Eve which also happens to be a day after his 27th birthday, they never tied the knot until the 14th of September 2013 and it was a colorful ceremony held in San Diego.

In the presence of their friends and family, making up a guest body of 200 people, the couple tied the knot in a Capella Chape Grand Del Mar Hotel. This was followed by a 3-day celebration that all the guests had to participate in. For a man who had lived most of his life in the eye of the public, the event was quite a private one. While the public excitedly waited for details about the event, it was mostly reported that the couple employed serious security measures for the wedding.

Even those invited to witness the ceremony didn’t know what to expect and they haven’t been forthcoming with information about what they witnessed. Nonetheless, it had in attendance other celebrities that are close to the couple such as Neyo, Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, Lala Anthony, Micky Arison, Chris Bosh, and Erik Spoelstra. One certain thingis that it was Savannah’s dream wedding. LeBron once described the wedding as Savannah’s day, stating that he had to ensure she got all she wanted for the wedding.

How Many Kids Does LeBron James Have?

King James as the athlete is notably called is the father to three children, his first two children were born before the solemnization of his relationship with Savannah, while the last child, the couple’s only daughter, joined the family a year after their wedding. Savannah Brinson became pregnant with James’ first child in the middle of their senior academic year of high school. She later gave birth on the 6th of October 2004.

Before they officially got hitched, they had another son, and would later welcome their first girl after their marriage, bringing the tally to three. Unlike most Hollywood power couples, this duo has managed to keep their lives and relationship together since high school. Given the rate of divorce among popular figures, this is not an easy feat to accomplish.

Based on what the couple has shared over the years, they have been able to sustain their relationship through mutual support for each other’s aspirations, apart from the true love they have for one another. The NBA star has stated on several occasions that he wouldn’t have been as successful as he is without Savannah. As much as his wife has supported him, LeBron is also up and doing when it comes to supporting causes that are dear to Brinson.

With his help, she started the I PROMISE makeover campaign in 2013, while they were still living in Miami. The campaign debuted in an event that was held at American Airlines Arena. Normally, it brings together fifty at-risk high school senior girls from Miami Suburbs to make them ready for prom with dresses, make-up tips, as well as accessories.

LeBron James First Son Was Born a Year After He Was Drafted to Join The NBA

  • Full Name: LeBron Raymone“Bronny”James Jr.
  • Date of Birth: October 6, 2004
  • Age:18 Years Old
  • Occupation:Basketball Player

When LeBron James was still in high school, he was already one of the brightest stars in basketball nationwide. By the time he was done with his high school education, he was put in the NBA draft of 2003 and was the number one pick. This was a good start for his career.
However, in the first year of his meteoric rise, Savannah found out that she was pregnant. She was still in high school and his career was just starting. This inspired fear in Savannah, naturally. She worried that the arrival of a child would ruin his career trajectory and he assured her that things would be fine.

On the 26th of October, 2004, the couple’s first son, LeBron James Jr. was born. He is also known as Bronny and just like his father he plays basketball and is currently the point guard for his school’s team. Bronny is currently a student at Sierra Canyon, a private school in Los Angeles and he has received basketball scholarship offers from several colleges.

Following his father’s footprints, Bronny has a long way to go but he is already showing signs of an uncommon prowess in the game. While his father is excited to have his son take his place in the NBA, he was pissed about the recruitment offer the child got when he was only 10 years old from the NCAA. Because of the massive attention Bronny commands, LeBron and Savannah have been very protective of him. An instance that made this clear was when it circulated that Bronny was trying to woo Larsa Pippen, his friend’s mom. The couple wasted no time clamping down on the rumors and they didn’t bother about being nice.

LeBron James Second Child Came In 2007

  • Full Name: Bryce Maximus James
  • Date of Birth: June 14, 2007
  • Age:15 Years Old
  • Occupation:Basketball Player

Bryce is the second child of the couple and he was born on the 14th of June 2007. At that point, LeBron James had attained the status of a superstar, and his mother Savannah, a successful businesswoman. With his conception, LeBron and Savannah were in a more stable situation than they were when they were just teenagers.

Bryce Maximus goes to the same school as his older brother; he is also passionate about playing basketball and is quite good at it. Apart from that, it is said that he also likes soccer and ice hockey, loves chocolate, and is a big fan of Michael Jackson.

Meet Zhuri Nove James, LeBron James’ Daughter

  • Full Name: Zhuri Nove James
  • Date of Birth: October 22, 2014
  • Age:8 Years Old
  • Occupation:Undetermined

The third born, a beautiful daughter named Zhuri James is thus far the only child that the NBA star has had with his wife after they got married. Roughly a year after their wedding, LeBron James and Savannah announced that they were expecting a baby girl. Zhuri Nova James was born in the same month as her oldest brother, on the 22nd of October.

There is still a lot that remains unknown about her. Zhuri has a lot of growing up to do and isn’t bothered about what the future holds for her. Like her siblings, she also attends Sierra Canyon School. Whatever career path she decides to thread, she can count on the support of her parents.

As a father, LeBron James is heavily invested in the lives of his children, even to the extent of dictating what sports his sons can play and placed restrictions on highly dangerous games like American football and Hockey. Savannah, speaking on the kind of father he is has stated that the way he is with her and their children makes it very hard not to love him.

Key Takeaways about LeBron James’ Family

  • LeBron James and his wife met when they were teenagers in high school and have been together since then.
  • They dated for more than 8 years before they got engaged in 2011 and subsequently got married in 2013.
  • The couple has three kids together; two sons named Bronny and Bryce, and a daughter called Zhuri.
  • Zhuri is the only child they have had after they got married; they had their sons before walking down the aisle.

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